Central Serous Retinopathy

Central serous retinopathy (CSR) is a retinal disorder that affects the macula. CSR occurs when a small break forms in the pigment layer of the retina, allowing fluid to collect under the retina. The leakage causes a small detachment of the layers under the retina. CSR usually occurs in one eye, but may involve both eyes. The exact cause of this process is unknown.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Distortion.
  • Objects appear smaller than their actual size.
  • Objects may appear discolored.


Most cases of CSR are self-limiting and resolve without the need for treatment. Treatment of CSR depends on whether it is acute or chronic. Acute CSR (first episode) can be treated with anti-inflammatory drops. There is evidence that this can accelerate the healing of the eye, but it does not affect the end result. Chronic CSR (not resolving within 1-3 months) can be treated with a cold laser treatment called PDT (photodynamic therapy) this can be a very helpful treatment that is repeatable if recurrence occurs.